Welcome to Skjærhalden Gjestehavn AS

Skjærhalden Gjestehavn is strategically located next to the Oslofjord.

The guest harbour is located right on the square at Skjærhalden and can accommodate 100 - 140 boats.

The guest harbour is open throughout the year.

Position: 59 ° 01 45 N | 11 ° 02 30 E

Frequent visitor?
Please create a customer account at the top of the corner so you can store your contact details and boat info for a faster payment / booking!

From april 14 the guest harbour is open again.

We ask our guests to exercise caution and follow the key guidelines for infection control and stay up to date on these.

Hvaler municipality will not open the showers in the sanitary facility until further notice for the sake of infection.


Video from the harbour

Skjærhalden Gjestehavn AS
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