Welcome to Skjærhalden Gjestehavn AS

Skjærhalden Gjestehavn is strategically located next to the Oslofjord.

The guest harbour is located right on the square at Skjærhalden and can accommodate 100 - 140 boats.

The guest harbour is open throughout the year.

Position: 59 ° 01 45 N | 11 ° 02 30 E

Frequent visitor?
Please create a customer account at the top of the corner so you can store your contact details and boat info for a faster payment / booking!

We have over 50 pre-bookable spots.
A light on the spot shows whether it is free (green) or busy (red).

Spot with blue sign: Only for overnight stay.

Spot with orange sign: For daytime and overnight stay.

Video from the harbour

Skjærhalden Gjestehavn AS
Pb. 42 1680 Skjærhalden
Org-nr: 988329975

☎ +47 90368434

[email protected]

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