Practical Information about Skjærhalden Guest Harbour

Skjærhalden Gjestehavn as is strategically located in the Oslofjord. The guest harbour is located right on the square at Skjærhalden and can accommodate 100 - 140 boats.

The guest harbour is open throughout the year.


The use of open fire in a boat or on the pier is not permitted. Read more about fire precautions and our procedures in case of fire.

Procedure in case of fire:

1. Notify other guests

2. Notify the fire service 110

3. Use the fire extinguisher on the piers

4. Move boats to reduce damage - if possible

5. Notify contact person or owners of the harbour -+47 90 36 84 34

Guest Harbour Fire Precautions:

1. The use of open fire in a boat, at or moored to the harbour facility or on a pier is not permitted

2. Suitable extinguishing equipment is required in the boat

3. Assume that those in the boat can use extinguishing equipment

4. Smoke alarms are required in the boat

5. Assume that gas / fuel hoses and couplings are checked

6. Handling of residual waste, etc., please follow the rules of the guest harbor and the Hvaler municipality

7. Assume that each leisure boat owner has calculated the risk of fire in his own boat by performing activities with little fire hazard, and having suitable extinguishing equipment readily available on board.

Rules of conduct

The purpose of the rules of order in Skjærhalden Gjestehavn as is to ensure a common understanding of the standard and order desired. The rules should also safeguard the facility so that it does not suffer from unnecessary wear and tear on docks and moorings and that guests and others are not exposed to unnecessary noise.

General provisions

• Everyone who stays in the harbour area is obliged to follow the port office´s instructions. Violation of the regulations may lead to expulsion.

• Skjærhalden Gjestehavn as is a family harbour. It has to be night time from noon. 23:00. Music from the boats, no matter what time, should not be so high that it can annoy others.

• Boats moored in the guest harbor must be "inhabited". If needed for "parking" contact the port office for advice of suitable spots.

• There is a anchoring ban throughout the guest harbour.

• Business activities and boat repairs are not permitted without special permission from the company.


• All boat owners must make sure that moorings and fenders are adapted to weather conditions

• Skjærhalden Gjestehavn as is not responsible for damage caused by wind or waves

• Theft and the like are taken care of by boat owners and his insurance

• Boat owners must ensure that power cables, ropes and water hoses do not prevent traffic on the docks.

• Towing dinghys must be moored on the back of the boat and secured so that they do not obstruct neighboring space

Payment Provisions:

• All boats in the guest harbor must pay the fee.

• Payment is made directly, even when booking.
No refunds.

• Boatowner is responsible for rent being paid.

• The fee must be paid at

• Advance reservations are made at

• Unpaid rent is charged with double harbour fee in administration supplement per commenced day. The regulations are enforced in private law and the guest harbour has a right of retention in the boat for all costs have been paid.


• Containers for residual waste have been put out behind the Kornmagasinet (follow the signs on the docks).

• We also refer to the rules for renovation and waste at Hvaler municipality´s website under "Services".

Electrical extension cords:

• Electrical extension cords must be of a type permitted outdoors.

• For boats connected to electricity at sea, an earth fault breaker must be installed in the boat.

Use of power:

• Use of electricity where available in the guest harbour, fee will be added.

• 16 Ampere fuse.

Max speed in inner harbor:

• The maximum speed in the port area is 5 knots.

• Show consideration and avoid engine noise and exhaust.

Special provisions:

• Open fire and barbecues are not allowed in the boat, at or moored on the piers.

• Diving must only be done by appointment.

• Dogs must be kept in line.

• Boats moored in violation of the port regulations can be removed for the owner´s account and risk.

• All traffic in the harbour is at your own risk.

Instructions given by the person responsible for the harbour must be followed!

Hvaler, June 1, 2015
Skjærhalden Gjestehavn AS.


Stay in the winter harbour is arranged on contact telephone +47 90 36 84 34. We have ice-free winters. Guest marina is well suited if you want to use the boat all year round.

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